Saturation Series


A summer series of lectures, performance art, readings and music conceived and organized by Kirk Bravender and Joshua Dumas and hosted by South Union Arts.

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Cl*sterf*ck :: Tense Forms 3rd Summer Showcase

image: Eli Boyne


Art by Cortney Groves, Craig Blakeman, Dominica Wasilewska, Jaime Roche & Susie Harkins, Jen Haybach, Jen Jacobucci, Johannah Silva, Joshua Holden, Kelly Reynolds, Kirk Bravender, Mark Benson, Nora McComiskey, RM5, Sangini Brahmbhatt, t. Thomas Hardie

Music by Ami Saraiya, Jason Frederick, Ben Gray, Dave Vandervelde, John Kleyn, Casey Meehan, Ben Clarke, Joshua Dumas, Jeremy Ohmes, Domenico Ferri, Fergus Kaiser, Mark Benson, Steve Quantock, Robbie Hamilton, Justin Trombly, Matt Dewine, Anika Balaconis, Chris Kralik, Johnny Caluya, Derek James, Nick Miers, Kris Poulin

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Casey Meehan and the Delta Still

Casey Meehan — vocals, piano, guitar
Scott Cedro — baritone saxophone
Joshua Dumas — bass
Ben Gray — drums
Mark Benson — drums
Allison Stanley — clarinet
Sarah Renée Bertsch — vocals
Andy Wagner — guitar
All songs composed by Casey Meehan.

Produced one recording Violet, available soon at Rock Proper.

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Music with Meaning 7

Readings from Rob Christopher, Todd Dills, Jeff Disler, Joshua Dumas, Billy Roberts, Scott Smith and Mitchell Szczepancyzk, hosted by Aaron Cynic and Brandon Wetherbee @ Mojoe’s Hot House.

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Bring May Flowers

image: Joshua Dumas


A collaboration between Marika Mashburn (and the House Theatre) and Joshua Dumas (and Tense Forms) to create a three day variety show styled festival of music, magic, dance, poetry, film and theatre, all celebrating Spring.

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800 Winters :: Tense Forms Winter Showcase

image: Sangini Brahmbatt


An evening of visual art, music, and performance that temporarily transformed the Subterranean. Featured an installation of 800 wallet sized photographs by Marlene Bednarz, Mark Benson, Elizabeth Boyne, Sangini Brahmbhatt, Kirk Bravender, carlsweets, Joshua Dumas, Emily Freeh, Chris Fuller, Cortney Groves, Jen Haybach, Dennis Hayes IV, Nora McComiskey, Matt North, Mark Paci, Alison Paul, Mary Paul, Mike Piontek, Julie Prenoveau, Kate Raney, Kelly Reynolds, RM5, robotskirt, Matt Rose, Melissa Stallard and Holly Tickner.

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Heat :: Tense Forms 2nd Summer Showcase

image: Jaime Roche


An evening of visual art, music, poetry, performance and film that temporarily transformed the Subterranean.

Visual Art by Mark Benson, Craig Blakeman, Sangini Brahmbhatt, Kirk Bravender, Ben Clarke, Leah Dickey, Steve Eck, Cortney Groves, Mollie Morris, Mary Paul, Mike Piontek, Steve Quantock, Kelly Reynolds, Jaime Roche, Matt Rose, Melissa Stallard, and Allison Stanley.
Music by Notes & Scratches, The Treatment, the archivists, Radiant Darling, Andy Wagner.
Poetry and Performance by Eli Boyne, Katy Didden, Viola Lee, Marika Mashburn.
Film by Kate Raney, Richard Syska.

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the Notes and Scratches :: 48 Hour Project


A marathon session in which which six songs were written and recorded over two 24 hour periods.

Joshua Dumas — vocals, most instruments, engineering
Anika Balaconis — trumpet, vocals
Domenico Ferri — bass
VJ Hyde — guitar, percussion, vocals
Casey Meehan — vocals
Steve Quantock — violin, vocals
Words and music by Joshua Dumas

This experiment lead to the creation of the current Notes & Scratches group.

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the autumn-waking

image: Kirk Bravender


A noisy lovely art rock group.

Allison Stanley — drums, xylophone, vocals
Joshua Dumas — guitar, noise, vocals
Renee Bertsch — organ, vocals
Anika Balaconis — trumpet, percussion, vocals
Music composed collaboratively, words by Joshua Dumas

Produced three recordings, the loudest birthday ever (2002), the Edgewater EP (2003), and Down to Marshes (2004, unreleased).

what people worry about
What People Worry About (7MB MP3)

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Six by Five #3

image: Joshua Dumas

Eight postcards with pictures on one side and words on the other. This zine is packaged in a light green handmade folder. Designed and edited by Joshua Dumas.

With contributions from Katy Didden, Allison Stanley, Marika Mashburn, Jessica Palmert, Thomas Strunk, Justin Ziegler, Vanessa Brutsche, Mary Paul, Elizabeth Boyne, Matt Rose, Joshua Dumas, Mike Piontek, Viola Lee, Steve Quantock, Anika Balaconis, Mollie Morris.

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Six by Five #2

image: Joshua Dumas

Four poems, six photographs, one story, two drawings, one bash script, two paintings, two digital images, two photograms, found text, six inches by five inches. This zine is packaged in a deep blue handmade folder. Designed, edited and assembled by Joshua Dumas.

With contributions from Sarah Renee Bertsch, Craig Blakeman, Elizabeth Boyne, Maura Dawgert, Joshua Dumas, Domenic Ferri, Rich Jun, Nora McComiskey, Jessica Neafsey, Mike Piontek, Kate Raney, Chris Stump, Mark Temelko

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the Tundra Survey

image: Nora McComiskey


A post-rock garage chamber group.

Mary Claire Kueber — cello, vocals
Andy Wagner — flute, xylophone, vocals
Emily Frank — viola, vocals
Tom McGettrick — bass, vocals
Joshua Dumas — guitar, vocals, engineering
Composed collaboratively.

Produced two recordings, the Poloroid 7” and Cracked Radiator, Bum Transmission.

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Six by Five #1

image: Joshua Dumas

Four poems, two photographs, two stories, one drawing, one painting, one digital image, two lino-cuts, six inches by five inches. This zine is packaged in a handmade envelope of heavy paper in dark colors. Selected, designed and edited by Joshua Dumas.

With contributions from Sarah Renee Bertsch, Elizabeth Boyne, Beth DeMars, Joshua Dumas, Danielle Grish, Richard Jun, Viola Lee, Mike Piontek, Andy Wagner.

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Becoming Ocean


When climate-change journalist Eiren Caffall was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, she realized that, like the planet, she was slowly drowning. But instead of allowing the nearly invisible effects of her condition to overwhelm or paralyze her, Caffall uses her illness as a lens to look at the crisis of climate change.

Directed: Scott K. Foley
Written: Eiren Caffall
Music: Joshua Dumas

Hear the Score!
Essay at Al Jazeera

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Weatherman is minimal, experimental pop by pianist/vocalist Annie Higgins, drummer Jason Toth (Daniel Knox, The Handsome Family), with electronics by composer Joshua Dumas (Quarter Mile Thunder, Mending). Their first three singles are available via La Société Expéditionnaire.

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Creative Resume

Joshua Dumas is a sound artist, composer, and filmmaker in Chicago and Brooklyn. He’s scored dance and theatre for Lydian Junction, Dages Juvelier Keates, Lost Geneva Projects, Roosevelt University, Amélie Gaulier-Brody and more. His work has been presented at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, the Knockdown Center, the Watermill Center, the New School, Triskelion, Dixon Place. He recently scored the film “Jessica” which won Best Feature at the Chelsea International Film Fest. He has two recent releases for his new collaboration with Kate Adams, Mending. He performs with Weatherman, and created the generative music app Chicago Avenue Moon.

Please download his cv here (67KB PDF).

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Joshua Dumas is a composer, new media and sound artist living in New York. He scores dance, theatre, and film, creates original often algorithmic compositions, makes glitch art and digital video, and creates installation and sound work. His recent inquiry explores the intersection of technology and climate catastrophe through databending and experimental data visualization.

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