Rock Proper

November 2008 to May 2010


Rock Proper is an online music distributor providing high quality, album-length downloads with the legal consent of their creators. Please download this music, burn it, share it and stay tuned for future releases. Conceived by Casey Meehan, created and maintained by Casey Meehan, Joshua Dumas, Matt DeWine, and Bob Kuo.

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Reconstruction Room :: Love-Letters Between a Noble-Man and his Sister

April 2007


Readings and performances by Robert Buscemi, Joshua Dumas, Sarah Guernsey (voice recording), Mary Hamilton, Robert Kowalczyk, Tina Post, Erin Teegarden and Della Watson, Jenny Walton-Wetzel. Curated by Joshua Dumas.

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Winter Button-up :: Tense Forms 3nd Winter Showcase

image: Joshua Dumas

February 2007


We solicited contributions from over 50 artists and exhibited over 1000 one inch buttons.

with performances by
The Notes and Scratches
Ash in Pensacola
Casey Meehan
Ami Saraiya (of Radiant Darling)

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Cl*sterf*ck :: Tense Forms 3rd Summer Showcase

image: Eli Boyne

September 2006


Art by Cortney Groves, Craig Blakeman, Dominica Wasilewska, Jaime Roche & Susie Harkins, Jen Haybach, Jen Jacobucci, Johannah Silva, Joshua Holden, Kelly Reynolds, Kirk Bravender, Mark Benson, Nora McComiskey, RM5, Sangini Brahmbhatt, t. Thomas Hardie

Music by Ami Saraiya, Jason Frederick, Ben Gray, Dave Vandervelde, John Kleyn, Casey Meehan, Ben Clarke, Joshua Dumas, Jeremy Ohmes, Domenico Ferri, Fergus Kaiser, Mark Benson, Steve Quantock, Robbie Hamilton, Justin Trombly, Matt Dewine, Anika Balaconis, Chris Kralik, Johnny Caluya, Derek James, Nick Miers, Kris Poulin

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Saturation Series

May 2006 to September 2006


A summer series of lectures, performance art, readings and music conceived and organized by Kirk Bravender and Joshua Dumas and hosted by South Union Arts.

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800 Winters :: Tense Forms Winter Showcase

image: Sangini Brahmbatt

January 2006


An evening of visual art, music, and performance that temporarily transformed the Subterranean. Featured an installation of 800 wallet sized photographs by Marlene Bednarz, Mark Benson, Elizabeth Boyne, Sangini Brahmbhatt, Kirk Bravender, carlsweets, Joshua Dumas, Emily Freeh, Chris Fuller, Cortney Groves, Jen Haybach, Dennis Hayes IV, Nora McComiskey, Matt North, Mark Paci, Alison Paul, Mary Paul, Mike Piontek, Julie Prenoveau, Kate Raney, Kelly Reynolds, RM5, robotskirt, Matt Rose, Melissa Stallard and Holly Tickner.

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Heat :: Tense Forms 2nd Summer Showcase

image: Jaime Roche

July 2005


An evening of visual art, music, poetry, performance and film that temporarily transformed the Subterranean.

Visual Art by Mark Benson, Craig Blakeman, Sangini Brahmbhatt, Kirk Bravender, Ben Clarke, Leah Dickey, Steve Eck, Cortney Groves, Mollie Morris, Mary Paul, Mike Piontek, Steve Quantock, Kelly Reynolds, Jaime Roche, Matt Rose, Melissa Stallard, and Allison Stanley.
Music by Notes & Scratches, The Treatment, the archivists, Radiant Darling, Andy Wagner.
Poetry and Performance by Eli Boyne, Katy Didden, Viola Lee, Marika Mashburn.
Film by Kate Raney, Richard Syska.

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Muted Tones

image: Joshua Dumas

September 2002 to March 2007


Muted Tones was an online sound and music series curated by Joshua Dumas. Each month, musicians and sound artists were encouraged to produce new, original, ten minute recordings and document their process, progress, and thoughts. Remarkable individuals created absolutely remarkable things, from drone-scapes to found sound collages to folk songs to avant-garde improvisations to chamber music.

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Joshua Dumas is a composer, sound artist, filmmaker, and writer, working in multiple media.

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