July 2031


Mending is a collaboration between sound artist/musician Joshua Dumas and vocalist Kate Adams, creating drifting dreamy noisy songs, influenced by folk, ambient, and contemporary classical.


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January 2028


Weatherman is minimal, experimental pop by pianist/vocalist Annie Higgins, drummer Jason Toth (Daniel Knox, The Handsome Family), with electronics by composer Joshua Dumas (Quarter Mile Thunder, Mending). Their first three singles are available via La Société Expéditionnaire.

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Chicago Avenue Moon

January 2027


Chicago Avenue Moon is a responsive, generative music app that uses a set of variables including date, time, phase of the moon, and GPS location, to determine how its music unfolds, in real-time.

Composer Joshua Dumas wrote 1000 brief musical phrases which the app manipulates, sequences, and layers to create trillions and trillions of variations, a unique experience with every listen.

Developed with Junecloud’s Mike Piontek, recorded by Matt DeWine and Joshua Dumas at Pieholden Suite Sound, and was supported in part by an Individual Artists Program Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events and Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

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May 2025

Sarah Cameron Sunde & Joshua Dumas

Peaks is an ongoing, cumulative video work in which Sarah Cameron Sunde and Joshua Dumas reuse the detritus of the built environment to construct brief cinematic moments suggesting iconic mountainous vastness. The mundanity of the material is sometimes unrecognizable in its transformation to surreal landscape. Peaks investigates our relationship to scale, to awe and beauty, to human ecological impact, and explores cycles of transformation and elevation and corruption.

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The Aeneid at NYU Abu Dhabi

November 2017 to November 2017


Directed by Sarah Cameron Sunde
Adapted/Written by Olivier Kemeid
Translated by Judith Miller
Sebastian Grube - Assistant Director
Grahame Coyle - Production Manager
Tegan McDuffie - Stage Manager
Lauren Helpern - Scenic Designer
Andrew Riedemann - Technical Director
Simon Fraulo - Lighting Designer
Judi Olson - Costume Designer
Kiori Kawai - Choreographer
Steven Doughty - Prop Master
Aysan Celik - Voice & Text Consultant
Joshua Dumas - Music & Sound

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99 Julys

July 2017


99 Julys is an interactive, algorithmic, improvised piece of music, presented at Welles Park Chicago on July 20th 2017 as part of the Inferno Movements series and Night Out In The Parks. Composer Joshua Dumas built custom software to translate Chicago weather, water, and population data from the last 99 Julys into a series of chords and brief melodies. For this presentation, there was an interactive music station where the public was encouraged to pop on some headphones and join the performers in their explorations.

Climate Data Suite 002

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the Tempest

April 2017 to April 2017


at Governors State University in the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park

Director: Erica Vannon
Music Director: Joshua Dumas
Costume Design: Katherine Pavolvna Goldberg
Props Design: Stacey Coleman
Production Manager: Michelle Medvin
Stage Managers: Nicole Ames and Sarah Gutierrez

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Introspect at Philadelphia Screendance Festival

March 2017 to March 2017


Introspect is a dance film conceived by and starring Elizabeth June Bergman. It was directed, filmed, and edited by Kaitlyn Busbee with directorial and cinematographic assistance from Mark Stastny. Introspect features original music by composer Joshua Dumas.

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Night Songs for the Birds of North America

January 2017 to March 2017

Night Songs is a four-channel audio composition exploring translation, memory, and mass extinction in the anthropocene, installed in the Lincoln Park Conservatory’s Fern Room, curated by Experimental Sound Studio. Dumas arranged six common human lullabies (from memory), stretching the songs’ durations to an hour’s length. Then Dumas gathered the calls of North American avian species considered vulnerable, endangered, and extinct. Dumas (piano), Whitney Johnson (strings), and Josh Bell (horns) improvised in response to the calls, and these recorded melodic fragments play at random, gradually degrading, becoming wind, over the duration of the exhibition.

Climate Data Suite 001
Listen // Interview // Supplemental Material

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Mending – At the End [official video]

January 2017

Words and Music by Kate Adams and Joshua Dumas
Video by Joshua Dumas

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Joshua Dumas is a composer, sound artist, filmmaker, and writer, working in multiple media.

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