Townline Road

image: Anika Balaconis

July 2010 to July 2010


Jason Eckerson and Anika Balaconis and I met up at Mark Temelko and Tina Post’s farm in upstate New York. We set up a tent and built a make-shift music space. We spent our days working outside and in the evenings we played songs and recorded them. Anika made some brushes for the drums out of pine needles, we had a big bonfire, we sang with cicadas and crickets and birds.

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One Thing and Everything Else

image: Carl Sweets

April 2010 to May 2010


An experimental semi-opera by New Beast Theatre Works at The Building Stage

Drawing from the spare prose of Raymond Carver's “Gazebo,” New Beast presents an original opera that spans memory and imagination via prose, song, and dramatic performance.

Devised and Directed by David Amaral. Devised and Composed by Joshua Dumas. Developed and performed by Eddie Bennett, Ruth Bistrow, Pamela Maurer, James Whittington.

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Rock Proper

November 2008 to May 2010


Rock Proper is an online music distributor providing high quality, album-length downloads with the legal consent of their creators. Please download this music, burn it, share it and stay tuned for future releases. Conceived by Casey Meehan, created and maintained by Casey Meehan, Joshua Dumas, Matt DeWine, and Bob Kuo.

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Wild Nights With Emily

March 2010 to April 2010


by Madeleine Olnek
Directed by Meghan Beals McCarthy
Produced by Caffeine Theatre

A quirky queer comedy about Emily Dickinson’s secret life.

Starring Jessica Bennett, Dana Black, Carey Lee Burton, Annie Calhoun, Amanda Hartley, Ian Novak, Ian Randall, Lauren Vitz. Directed by Meghan Beals Mccarthy. Associate Directed, Dramaturged, and Choreographed by Jennifer Shook. Assistant Directed/Stage Managed by Courtney Miller. Costumes Designed by Alarie Hammock & Samantha Umstead. Set Designed by Stephen Carmody. Lighting Designed by Casey Diers w/ Chase Corman. Music by Joshua Dumas.

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Remember the Maine

January 2009 to January 2010

Monthly improvised music series featuring members of May or May Not, Notes & Scratches, A Company, Demons, Where the Moon Came From, Black Apple and more.

at the Whistler
2421 N Milwaukee Ave.

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Notes & Scratches

image: Cortney Groves

February 2005 to December 2009


Pop music group.

Anika Balaconis — horn, keys, vocals
Joshua Dumas — vocals, guitar
Jason Eckerson — bass, vocals
Robbie Hamilton — drums, vocals
Whitney Johnson — viola, keys, vocals
Music composed collaboratively, words by Joshua Dumas

On (real long) hiatus!

Have produced three recordings, Uh-Oh (2006), and To the Other Side (2009) are available for free download at Rock Proper. Grace Notes (2009) is available on our site.

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Blue Ribbon Glee Club

image: Rob Brenner

March 2007 to July 2008


A thirty member choir that covers punk and rock classics completely a’cappella. Founded by Whitney Johnson, Dee Clements and Joshua Dumas. Though its founders have left, the group continues to have terrific success performing through-out Chicago at venues like the Lakeshore Theater, the Hideout Block Party, the Abbey Pub, the Vic, and Millennium Park.

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Muted Tones

image: Joshua Dumas

September 2002 to March 2007


Muted Tones was an online sound and music series curated by Joshua Dumas. Each month, musicians and sound artists were encouraged to produce new, original, ten minute recordings and document their process, progress, and thoughts. Remarkable individuals created absolutely remarkable things, from drone-scapes to found sound collages to folk songs to avant-garde improvisations to chamber music.

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Casey Meehan and the Delta Still

May 2002 to September 2006

Casey Meehan — vocals, piano, guitar
Scott Cedro — baritone saxophone
Joshua Dumas — bass
Ben Gray — drums
Mark Benson — drums
Allison Stanley — clarinet
Sarah Renée Bertsch — vocals
Andy Wagner — guitar
All songs composed by Casey Meehan.

Produced one recording Violet, available soon at Rock Proper.

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the Notes and Scratches :: 48 Hour Project

January 2005 to January 2005


A marathon session in which which six songs were written and recorded over two 24 hour periods.

Joshua Dumas — vocals, most instruments, engineering
Anika Balaconis — trumpet, vocals
Domenico Ferri — bass
VJ Hyde — guitar, percussion, vocals
Casey Meehan — vocals
Steve Quantock — violin, vocals
Words and music by Joshua Dumas

This experiment lead to the creation of the current Notes & Scratches group.

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Joshua Dumas is a composer, sound artist, filmmaker, and writer, working in multiple media.

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