A Wandering Daydream is a kind of sound art, broadcast experiment created by new media artist and musician Joshua Dumas. Each episode features a stereophonic field recording of a walk, interspersed with music, poetry, and chit chat. Generally gentle, meditative, and perhaps a little boring, the show hopes to transport listeners, but softly and quietly.

S01E10 To Fort Green Park

Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

another world by Norah Lorway from another world // Other recent work
5:59 PM by Celia Hollander from 5:59 PM
Fixed Up Bones by Gardener from I Am Here For A Moment
Rêve Dorphée by Günter Schlienz from Orphée aux Enfers
Rocket to Nebula by Killah Priest from Rocket to Nebula
How Not To Disappear by Pepo Galán from How Not To Disappear (Completely)
formetro. by Knxwledge. from VGM.13
luna. by Knxwledge. from VGM.13
Strange and Eternal by Birds of Prey from Vanishing Point
Aquarium by Cumulus Frisbee from Hyperion
Clear Concrete by Coupler from The City Is a Lie We Tell Ourselves
Divination by JC Tascam from 2010-2020
cuts bucle by k’in sventa from bucles
mother bucle by k’in sventa from bucles
bucle for lines by k’in sventa from bucles