A Wandering Daydream is a kind of sound art, broadcast experiment created by new media artist and musician Joshua Dumas. Each episode features a stereophonic field recording of a walk, interspersed with music, poetry, and chit chat. Generally gentle, meditative, and perhaps a little boring, the show hopes to transport listeners, but softly and quietly.

S04E02 Central Park East

Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 10:00 am

Tsuchi by Satomimagae from Hanazono
Pour Toujours by Julie Doiron from Desormais
Straight Through The Night by Lavender Diamond from Now Is The Time
Inni by Jessica McMann from Inni
Experiences No. 1 by John Cage from Voices and Instruments
Experiences No. 2 by John Cage from Voices and Instruments
I Wonder Why by Spur Pourier from One of a Kind
Forgiven by Kris Keogh from Processed Harp Works, Volume 3
Café by saib. from Buena Vista EP
Rotate & Resonate by Iku Sakan from Human Wave Music
Fun Fun Fun by Jessica Risker from Beach Boys Club Vol. 1: Don’t Worry, Baby (Covers) // MUSIC THERAPY podcast
After the Laughter Comes Tears (Tearz Instrumental) by Wu-Tang Clan from Protect Ya Neck - EP