the Floodplain

image: Kaitlyn Busbee


A multichannel sound-and-video installation that explores the history of flooding in Iowa City. First exhibited at Public Space One, October 2012.

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Pieces of the Storm

image: Keith B. Evans


A podcast. Joshua Dumas reads poems that he likes, set to original compositions.

Selections range from through-out the twentieth century, featuring poems by Matthew Dickman, Li-Young Lee, Mary Oliver, David Wojahn, Katie Ford and more.

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I Am Saying This Right Now

image: Lindsay Verstegen


Inspired by the work of Tony Schwartz, I Am Saying This Right Now is a mix of memories, scenes, and sound art exploring the human compulsion to document our lives.

Conceived and edited by: Kaitlin Byrd.

Directed by: Paul Kastner & Kim Miller.

Written by: Sid Branca, Kaitlin Byrd, Jeff Duhigg, Joshua Dumas, James Dunn, Paul Kastner, Brian Michael Lucas, Layne Manzer, Sara McCarthy, Ian Miller, Lindsay Verstegen, Andrea Wallace, and Jessica Wright Buha.

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Telling of the Bees


The Telling of the Bees is abstract dance-theatre piece exploring the story of Claire, a woman trapped in a distracting world of screens, cell phones and status updates – and whose home is infiltrated by a swarm of honeybees. Claire’s fate and the fate of the bees are ultimately tied together, as the bees confront, interrupt, aggravate, guide and care for Claire through her everyday life.

Created by Michelle Milne, with Lindsay Nance, Joshua Dumas, and Ben Jacobs. Music by Joshua Dumas.

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The City in Which

image: Marianna Milhorat


The City in Which is an expanded cinema project based on Chicago poet Li-Young Lee’s “The City In Which I Love You”.

Joshua Dumas and Christy LeMaster distributed fresh rolls of 16mm film to a dozen experimental filmmakers, asking them to respond to the poem and to their own experience of living and making in Chicago. The resulting footage is spliced into a combined short accompanied by a live reading of the poem by Joshua, a performance built from and informed by the filmmakers’ images.

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Rock Proper


Rock Proper is an online music distributor providing high quality, album-length downloads with the legal consent of their creators. Please download this music, burn it, share it and stay tuned for future releases. Conceived by Casey Meehan, created and maintained by Casey Meehan, Joshua Dumas, Matt DeWine, and Bob Kuo.

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Reconstruction Room :: Your Way With Words Makes Me Act A Fool


Readings and performances by Pat Babbitt, Meg Barboza, Nicolette Bond, Dave Digangi, Chris Dingwall, Joshua Dumas, Lindsey Fisher, Katie Hartsock, Erin Teegarden.

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Reconstruction Room :: the Four Seasons


Readings and performances by Meg Barboza, Nicolette Bond, Jason Bredle, Sunny Byers, Nina Corwin, Abby Cucci with Sam Wagster, David Digangi, Amber Drea, Joshua Dumas, Eric Elshtain, Krista Franklin, Elizabeth Graettinger, Allison Gruber, Miki Howald, eric lab rat, Sondra Morin, Matthias Regan, Erin Teegarden

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Reconstruction Room :: Love-Letters Between a Noble-Man and his Sister


Readings and performances by Robert Buscemi, Joshua Dumas, Sarah Guernsey (voice recording), Mary Hamilton, Robert Kowalczyk, Tina Post, Erin Teegarden and Della Watson, Jenny Walton-Wetzel. Curated by Joshua Dumas.

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Around the Coyote :: Machine Media


Readings by Amy Phillips, Jonathan Messinger and Joshua Dumas.

Listen to a recording of Joshua’s story, Jessica at Fall of Autumn.

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Joshua Dumas is a composer, new media and sound artist living in New York. He scores dance, theatre, and film, creates original often algorithmic compositions, makes glitch art and digital video, and creates installation and sound work. His recent inquiry explores the intersection of technology and climate catastrophe through databending and experimental data visualization.

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